Scoping exercise

The aim of this initial stage is to assess the extent and nature of the delay and suppression of government research, and to determine the scope of and develop lines of investigation for the full inquiry.

We are seeking advice and insights from anyone with experience of government research, especially individuals from the research community, professional bodies, parliament, the civil service, charities and the media, on the following:

How different government departments publicise details of past, ongoing and future research plans.

The process for commissioning and conducting government research, including:

  • What information government departments provide about how research is initiated, how contracts are drawn up and how the department manages studies.
  • Who is accountable for ensuring research studies are completed and published according to the terms of contract.

How government research findings are published, including:

  • What government departments say about the publication of studies. This includes peer review, who owns the research findings, how and when they are published and how they are communicated to the public.
  • How the overarching rules and guidelines on the publication of government research are applied across the civil service and arms-length bodies.

This stage of the inquiry finished on Friday October 30th 2015. 

Your insights and advice helped shape the call for evidence to the inquiry, which we published on Tuesday 24th November 2015.